WL4W How it Works


Here’s How it Works

 6 Weeks of Challenge. A Lifetime of Change.

When you register for the Weight Loss for Warriors Challenge, you’re making a 6-week commitment that can trigger a lifetime of change. This isn’t just about a month and a half long fitness challenge—it’s about embracing a whole new lifestyle.

On April 28th, the official Challenge begins. You’ll receive all of the tools you need to gauge your current fitness level, along with a daily regimen of diet and workout routines so you can track measurable improvements, earning points to see how you rank within your division and the entire nation. You will achieve specific personal goals as you actively begin your new way of life.

What you’ll get along away:

Weight Loss for Warriors understands that changing lives isn’t an individual effort—it’s all about community. When you sign up, you’re instantly a part of a team that’s working together to change each other’s lives. You’ll get access to our comprehensive online platform, standardized benchmark workouts, and get plugged into an active social media community of other athletes. You will be a part of an online experience that includes:

  • Nutritional tips
  • Diet plans
  • Expert advice from health industry professionals
  • Fitness calendar with daily programmed exercises
  • Recipes
  • AND Encouragement along the way

You’ll be held accountable to yourself and to an entire community dedicated to helping you push yourself farther than you can alone!

Real Change Is All About Results.

Our experts and online resources will help you determine your current fitness and health level, and make sure that your plan ensures you’re hitting new milestones along the way. Thanks to our online tracking tools and personal profile, at the end of the WL4W Challenge, you will know exactly how much weight you lost, how much your body transformed, and how much you improved your fitness and physical perform2ance. You will also be able to proudly share the incredible impact you have had on military families.