Volunteer Opportunities


All volunteer leadership positions for The 31Heroes Project will be representing our community to support our military heroes and their families, as well as living out a healthy lifestyle!

Also, see below for available Volunteer Regional Leadership positions! We are looking forward to you joining us!



  • Northeast
  • Mid-Atlantic
  • Southeast
  • Midwest
  • Southwest
  • Northwest

Leadership Positions Available:

  • Command Leader
  • Tactical Ambassador
  • Operational Ambassador
  • Community Outreach Ambassador

Command Leader

  • Overall responsibilities for regional conduct and mission accomplishment
  • Recruits and manages other volunteers
  • Assists Ambassadors in establishing and growing key relationships
  • Maintains consistent communication with OTOF headquarters
  • Represent OTOF by living a healthy lifestyle

Tactical Ambassador (TA)

  • Responsible for driving out “Red Shirt” OTOF Initiative with COA through local Crossfit boxes & local athletic directors
  • Coordinates regional participation in local events
    • Communicates with other regional TA’s
    • Works with local race/event directors
    • Works with local Crossfit boxes
    • Assists in developing relationships with local businesses and organizations
    • Plans and conducts weekly fitness activities

Operational Ambassador (OA)

  • Responsible for regional communications
    • Basecamp
    • Volunteer Email inquiries
    • Manage social media – Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    • Work closely with local outreach to tell the OTOF mission
    • Assists in developing relationships with local businesses and organizations
    • Works closely with Tactical Ambassador to develop events

Community Outreach Ambassador (COA)

  • Responsible for increasing local athlete involvement
    • Engage local athletic community
    • Local Crossfit boxes
    • Maintains contact with regional athletes
      • Follows up with Newly Registered athletes
        • Encourages personalization of profile
        • Gets new athletes connected to local community outreach
        • Develops relationships with local businesses and organizations
        • Drive community participation

If you are interested in volunteering for one of The 31Heroes Project official events, please contact us at

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