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 A Partnership to change lives.


The Weight Loss for Warriors Challenge is about making a difference—not only for the participants who sign up to change their own lives, but also in the lives of our nation’s heroes and their families.

The 31Heroes Project has partnered with Lurong Living because we both believe that the sacrifice of our military service members and their families deserves to be recognized. We believe it’s their bravery that serves as an inspiration to Americans everywhere to embrace new challenges and improve their communities.

It’s because of this passion for helping those who’ve given so much to us all, that Lurong Living and The 31Heroes Project are proud to form a partnership able to benefit organizations, such as The Travis Manion Foundation, which support our military heroes and their families, as well as honor the fallen. With the help of these partner charity organizations, the funds raised through the Weight Loss for Warriors Challenge directly benefit service members and their families with educational opportunities, community leadership projects, service initiatives, assistance programs, and more.

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Embrace the Challenge. Live the Change.


Be a part of a team that’s making a difference—and start changing your life today.
  It’s time to make a change. The Weight Loss for Warriors Challenge combines a community of likeminded people and an easy-to-use online dietary and fitness regimen with one great cause. When you register, you’re making a commitment to not only start changing your life, but to change the lives of our nation’s heroes and their families.

Learn What Being a Hero Is All About.

This is about more than changing your life. It’s about being part of a team that’s supporting our nation’s heroes and their families. Lurong Living—the revolutionary whole food deer antler velvet nutritional product—has partnered with The 31Heroes Project to support organizations that are changing the lives of military heroes and their families. Through their work with The Travis Manion Foundation, The 31Heroes Project ensures that funds, support, and resources end up in the hands of veterans, service members, and military families who need it most.

When you sign up for the Challenge, you’ll also be given custom fundraising tools so that friends and family members can sponsor your progress and be a part of the change.

The vision for Weight Loss for Warriors is simple: Be a part of the team that’s changing lives.

Welcome To The Team.